Do you remember when you said
you would never forget it?

When the time goes by, we miss that small details of our family life. We try to remember them as they were, but our memory is not infallible. Our memories are losing details and we end up missing sensations that will never come back… Or maybe yes?

We have got the formula to
revive those happy moments!

Beni is a father, composer and sound technician. He knows the power of the voice and the music over the memory and emotions and he has developed the perfect way to preserve wonderful moments of family life.

Beni gets high quality voice track from a relaxed dialogue with your kid. Then he edits it and joins carefully that voice track to one of his original musical compositions. The result is difficult to explain with words, so we invite you to hear a short extract.

Look for a quiet place and turn up the volume.
Ready? Close your eyes and press play.

Play Stop

Imagine listening to your little child. His words, his feelings. Imagine to give this sound on Mother´s day or Father´s day. Imagine hearing it again in 20 years, when you want to revive this tender moment…

Gugusound is such a personal gift
that only you can do it.

Surprise him/her with a gift
that will last forever!

We work in Málaga and surroundings. We deliver every Gugusound in a memory stick with the shape of tape cassette, packed with a white label where you or your child can write a personal dedication. Contact us for further information, budget, and delivery time. Don´t hesitate, there is no commitment.

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